my car sounds funny when i break, i think it's the eeehh, you know that thingamabob, the whatyamacallit, besides that other thingy under the hood!
by Dirty Steve! March 19, 2003
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A thingamabob is a noun used to describe items that either you can't remember the name of or that don't actually exist.
Pass me the thingamabob, I wanna change the channel.
by Becca March 28, 2004
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Bob's store sells custom-brand thingamabobs!
by Crys February 18, 2003
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An inanimate object that has no name, category or origin.
What is that thingamabob?
Where does this thingamabob go?
by Gar & Liane January 20, 2008
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A nonsense word for a miscellaneous it, like a doodad or a bobblynushniff
Steve: Have you seen that doodad?
Koji: The what?
Apollo: It's like a thingamabob

Koji: Oh, like a bobblynushniff
by Darthdrew March 21, 2021
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an item...a play toy...
that thingamabobber we used last night was a lot of fun!
by me March 25, 2003
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When someone gets cock and ball tortured.
I got thingamabobbed and I lost a testicle like the Green Day drummer Tre Cool.
by Rotten Turkey May 30, 2022
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