29 definition by Stacey

Someone whos your bestest friend and you love them dearly.
Even if they dont know what they are talking about.
Oh and someone who fucks piggies.=)
Chris See
AKA Chrissyface
by Stacey December 27, 2003

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A word used when someone hits someone in a hyper manner
She said wopachow when she hit someone on the arm
by Stacey August 15, 2003

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barbified is like a dumb chav or mosher lol
you r acting sooooooo barbified
by stacey February 14, 2005

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an name for an object that you cant remember the name for. the more graduated form thingamabob or gizmo.
dont click this shiznit, it will take you back to this word.
by Stacey December 29, 2003

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said when bull shit, dog shit, or rat shit just wont do.
This is bat shit.
by Stacey December 20, 2003

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Is proper bo!!!!!!!!!
by stacey October 23, 2003

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A Wack Afro on either a black or white guy.
Whoa! That guy has a major wafro.
by Stacey December 06, 2003

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