1. Occurring unchecked: Happening in an unrestrained manner, usually so as to be regarded as a menace
rampant inflation.

2. Botany growing wildly: Growing strongly and to a very large size, or spreading uncontrollably.

3. Fierce: Exhibiting ferocious behavior or fierceness of spirit.

4. Heraldry on hind legs: Describes a heraldic beast depicted rearing up, in profile, and with its forelegs raised, the right one above the left.

5. Construction with unequal supports: Having a support or an abutment that is higher on one side than the other.
1. A rampant action.
2. A rampant plant.
3. A rampant person.
by Jafje April 10, 2007
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When a female is dressed in sexy clothing she can make you feel horny
here mate look at her arse am heavy rampant
by Carson72 May 31, 2020
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When having exotic sex you should not be rampant!
by Stacey February 16, 2005
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Cool / wicked / groovy / excellent / smart / fab / great / brilliant. Good, basically.
Gav: Look at my camera phone...
Ted: Rampant!
by Gekko December 17, 2004
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1. a. a ball, hairy or otherwise, that is profusely unrestrained or widespread; b. a prolific ball or nut (n.)

2. a. a ball or nut, hairy or otherwise, marked by a menacing wildness, extravagance, or absence of restraint; b. an unrestrained or wild ball (n.)
1. Ya know Doug? That guy's got a rampant ball.

2. There is a rampant ball.
by P'tainz April 6, 2011
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When a person, who may or may not be a douchebag, commits several obnoxious actions that would make them seem as if they were on a douchebag rampage.

For instance, this person could all of a sudden pull out a pair of aviators, twist their cap backwards, chug a beer and attempt to crush the can on their forehead, then pump up some really loud bass beats and begin to fist pump.
Also, these people could simply be considered assholes and/or attention whores, who will go on a rampage by verbally annoying everyone around them if they are not being paid attention to, saying stupid things like "Yeah bro", "Yo, none of these broads are good enough for me", or "That's why everybody loves me man".

This makes everyone around this person want to inflict serious bodily harm to them, especially to their genitals, so that they cannot foul the earth with another little shit like themselves.
Person 1:"Oh my God, did you see that guy start fist-pumping at the bar after he chugged that beer? He almost knocked his stupid visor off his head-and how can he even see? He's wearing sunglasses indoors!"
Person 2:"Yeah I saw him..he's commiting an act of Rampant Douchebaggery right now. Just ignore him-these attention whores will calm down when they see everybody hates them."
by MonMon de BonBon July 25, 2010
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a dildo/vibrator that has a clitoral stimulator in the shape of a rabbit.
Ann Summers sell rampant rabbits to horny women.
by Scott Iliffe July 16, 2003
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