When you want to have sex with you and try to hide it
Hey can I sex you now?
by Eliota October 23, 2017
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Something you say when you are about to fuck a girl or a guy.
Hey Sarah. Gil says his gonna SEX YOU UP.
by pimp daddy dollars March 28, 2005
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'See you soon' with benefits. Basically, I'm on the way ... and we're gonna play. In text messages, abbreviated SXYS.
Her: Do you want to come over and hang out?
Him: Sure... sex you soon!
by spokaman November 04, 2010
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What a dominant sex partner says to the other right before they have sex. Kind of like beating someone up, except this is sexing someone up.
I'm gonna sex-you-up!

Man, that demon from Prince of Persia has four penises! If you don't run away from him, he'll sex-you-up.
by Malex January 11, 2005
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