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Rare form of an amazing woman. Directly related to Baby Jesus. When described by peers, all of which are of less greatness could be heard of as 'She pisses nothing but greatness.'
If I could be anyone in the world I'd wish I was Lainie, she's phenomenal.
by lebanondizzle December 30, 2009
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An unconventional name for an unconventional girl. The girl with this name is crazy, silly, sexy and fun to be around. A brunette. Definitely not monogamous.
Lainie is crazy - she knows how to have a good time!
by DDLovesLainie April 22, 2008
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Super beautiful girl who is very smart and knows how to be nice to everyone
That Lainie is so hot
by EthanBaker200 December 15, 2017
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Lainie is perfect for anyone she will be by side she ain’t fake she will always have that one bsf that keeps her happy and when you are with Lainie it feels like nothing can hurt you it’s like it’s just you and her there it feels like there is nothing that can scare you like you are protected she is amazing I don’t think anyone is better that Lainie she is the most beautiful girl you will ever see like I can think of a million things to say but when i try to say it to her I can’t bc she leaves you speechless she will never turn her back on you no matter how bad or good you are she will tell you that you are perfect and that your a blessing from God she will make you feel like you belong in the world like you are the most important she is gorgeous and beautiful and there is no one that can replace her love you LAINIE👑💍💕
Dang Lainie is perfect for anyone
by Mr. take yo hoe April 28, 2019
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Is the type of girl who is really tall and doesn't care what people say . She will date people's because she feels bad for them. She is usually a brunette and loves basketball. She will make every body laugh for no reason . Lainie isn't usually her real because ger real name is to formal. She has hazel or brown eyes. She will party all night and hold your hair if you barf. She is someone that you trust . She secretly has a crush that no one expects.
Have you seen Lainie

Yeah she made 6 3 pointers in the game

I know she's my best friend
by Finoa Dicksuvker June 18, 2016
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Lainie is a peaceful warrior that unSheathes her sword and wields it wisely. Slays on an as needed basis. Her actual name is not published here. Is spoken in secret by those that love and cherish her. Takes refuge in nature, the arts, silence, alone time, music and cuddling with a cherished soul. Doesn’t trust easily. Nor should anyone. Enjoys moving her body more than being on the move. Values independence, privacy, safety and security and knows when she needs a breather and that a good adventure never hurt anyone. Is highly selective about who gets anywhere near her and will most likely not allow you into her den.
Lainie is the most precious blessing this world has been seen.

Say Lainie’s name with love, respect, gratitude and awe. Her destiny is hers to guide.
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