A school that consists only of boys therefore being extremely bent
He's gay he probobly goes to an all boys school
by Leeang April 12, 2017
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An extremely bent school because there are no females to socialize with. Half of them either play Dungeons and Dragons or League of Legends, and after they do that play a bunch of gay games.
Person 1: Bro he went to an all boys school, he is so gay
Person 2: And he plays Dungeons and Dragons, what a nerd.
by ForeverVirgin November 2, 2022
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Just like normal school, full of annoying pricks, except there are no girls which means you will lack the ability to socialise with the opposite sex and will remain a virgin and single until you go to uni/college.
Public school kid 1: Look at that private school kid who goes to an All boys school, he is such a virgin
Public school kid 2: LOL. He has probably never talked to a girl in his life besides his mother. I have had 10 girlfriends in the last 6 years and lost my virginity in year 7 when I was 12
by Junkie69420 September 1, 2021
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The inherit traits given to those who attend all boys schools, including a lack of social awareness, loudness, an far too much emphasis on #thebros, and loudness.

For the thousands of out there that have this, just know not to fight it. It's in you. it's who you are. Actually no, fight it. Please change.

And if you are sitting there saying "this doesn't exist," you probably have All Boys School Syndrome
Damn, Ed. Maurice just asked this girl to arm wrestle. He's got All Boys School Syndrome (A.B.S.S.)
by IKE154 December 9, 2017
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