29 definition by Stacey

When a male is banging another in the poo poo hole, then pulls out and marks his lover with his feces coated dick on the upper lip in a pattern not too dissimilar from the mustache sported by Adolf Hitler.
That skinhead is such a Nazi lover, he gave his bitch a Hitler stache.
by Stacey December 05, 2004

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When someone sticks their finger up your vagina and then smells it and does it again.
Shelby when shes done playing with Kevin.
by Stacey February 22, 2005

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getting off (cumming) by a vibrator giving urself pleasure from something battery opperated
she gave herself a bob job
by stacey April 18, 2003

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a person being Random
'That's Crazy!!'

'No. That's randomtittety.'
by Stacey April 07, 2005

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A term for "drinking fountain" used in, among other places, the State of Rhode Island."
Eww, I'm not drinking out of that bubbler; someone spit their gum into it.
by Stacey October 24, 2004

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a word used to confuse someone else to make them look dumb
I yelled whensean to make me look smart
by Stacey August 15, 2003

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someone who you are planning to fool around with but end up have a four inch wang
My encounter with James was a real ramba hump.

It wouldnt suprise me if he was a ramba hump
by Stacey December 09, 2004

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