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A derogatory term used by hetero or closeted Italian men when referring to openly homosexual Italian men. Initially coined in the early 1920s after the sweet soda-like beverage it's named after.
Hey Giovanni, did you know that Tony Campanelli is a fawkin Fangelo?!?
by SpanglyCharly August 20, 2020
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Method of unique arousal utilized by the Cuckold & BDSM community. A male individual is wearing a phallus restricting implementation and is forced to either view an abundance of arousing stimuli or is pleasured anywhere besides his genitals.
Jeff was Dripping so hard when I was pegging him that it was like a little faucet
by SpanglyCharly February 7, 2021
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The act of performing such elaborate fellatio that one's lover makes high pitched flute-like noises
Me an Hans hooked up gestern(yesterday) and he gave me the best flouten I've ever had.
by SpanglyCharly January 30, 2021
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When a corporeal being of some kind gives you penetration related sexual satisfaction
Girl you'll never believe what happened to me last night, I got Phantom Poke'd from a ghost last night
by SpanglyCharly October 12, 2019
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Where a sheet, towel or blanket is used to brush against a completely flaccid penis until fully engorged.
Sara is the master of the Phantom Stroke, she has really soft towels too.
by SpanglyCharly November 25, 2018
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The act of receiving both a blow job and a rimjob whilst simultaneously consuming a Capri Sun beverage.

Did you know Dan got a uh Capri-Slurp at the party last night?

Oh yeah?
Yeah he was in the bathroom with both Sarah and Rachel
No shit? That-a-boy Daniel
My man!
by SpanglyCharly February 2, 2021
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Where an individual uses a thin or Capri Sun like straw then proceeds to insert it into the tip of a man's penis and then blows with tremendous force to inflate the penis like a balloon animal
Yo dawg my dick is sore from yesterday
Oh yeah why's that?

You know Rachel from the Pawn shop?
That smokin redhead?
She gave me a blimpie and I don't know how to feel about it
by SpanglyCharly April 1, 2021
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