The last color of the rainbow; purple means trust and love for a long time.
Purple means I will trust and love you (ARMY) for a long time. -Kim Taehyung
by OMGMHIOMG April 7, 2017
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This Colour represent Cringe Ribena.
Friend:Hey want some Purple Ribena?
Me:Nah bro .The tag is labeled can drink it yourself
Friend:Suit yourself iam drinking it.I can't taste Shitye.
by BadComputer August 30, 2023
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Irrefutably the best color in the world. End of story, period. This period signifies the end >.
Purple is the only note-worthy color. The end.
by jaydawg3000 April 28, 2009
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one of the key ingredients to Grape Drink,-

Sugar, Water, Purple
It just ain't grape drink with without that purple.
by tr32ch March 12, 2008
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Very strong weeds that has purple highlights in it.
Hood nigga: Yo bruh you finna get dat purple for 15$?
Jimmy: Nah fih I’m broke as hell
by Odt.solo January 15, 2019
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I want this in Purples

Can you make change for a Purple?
by Floru January 8, 2011
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guys are blue, and girls are pink... when they get together they make purple!
bow-chika-wow-wow = purple
by ejb31894 August 5, 2009
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