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when a guy goes in and out of a girls vagina really fast getting ready to cum, kind of like humping
I love the way it feels when he thrusts.
by michael garcia June 25, 2006
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A fast forward/backward movement of the hips, usually in sexual activity.

Scientists are currently proving that every human male goes through a "thrusting stage" slightly before he hits puberty and throughout his early teenage years.

A movie called "The Thrust" is currently being filmed on such phenomenon.

Hip thrusting is also a popular sports celebration and on some sports occasions, it is illegal to thrust more than 2 times.
Man, check out those hips. They can sure thrust
by BallHawk360 March 28, 2017
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a motion usually related to sex where a man (or woman) push a part of there body forward and back repeatidly, usually the pelvis.
Timmy: i had Tina on my bed last night, and i couldnt help but thrust my pelvis into her.

Jimmy: just a regular thrust?

Timmy: is there any other?

Jimmy: well.. i mega thrusted her last weekend. i nearly broke her pelvic bone.
by AideyAideyTheMakeUpLady April 29, 2008
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Word used a whole bunch in cosmopolitan to express love storys when people fuck standing up and say things like "can u handle all of me"
And he thrust his giant man cock intensly deep into her as she screamed with passion
by yea.... January 06, 2004
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Moving your dick foward at yeet-level speeds
Eugene: Having you ever tryed thrusting into cheese wheel
Normal dude: DAFUQ, this is why you dont have a girlfriend
by Zip zop zot begone thot June 11, 2018
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Just a feeling that comes over you. Not necissarily sexual but can be. Like CRUNK but not Lame.
Something yelled to express delight

Developed in Dodds hall at Antioch College.
I'd THRUST for art
by MORGAN December 09, 2004
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