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Physical mumbling. Bumping into objects, which include (but are not limited to): walls, doors, chairs, or cars. Often, one who is considered to be bumbling does not know what they are doing or where they are going.
A mumbling fool has trouble talking.
A bumbling fool has trouble walking.
by njimse November 06, 2006
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a state of confusion a person enters when they come face to face with greatness; also occurs when meeting a celebrity.
Jadah walks into the Pub and sits at the bar.
Jadah says, "May I have a screwdriver?"
The bumbling bartender is noticibly shaken by her surreal beauty. And reaches under the bar then hands her a phillips head. "It's on the house."
by Jadah February 05, 2005
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Another term used to refer to someone who is "rolling" or "rushing" due to the person ingesting ecstasy.
Have you seen Han tonight? He is bumbling so hard bro!
by youwotmate February 15, 2013
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Buy Bumble&Bumble hair products. Endorsed by notorious bumblers George W. Bush, Chris Farley and Nate. Remember Tommy Boy? Just think of how much bumbling was in that. Our shampoo promises a 2:1 ratio of bumbling to cleansing, so that you can have immaculately clean hair AND fall on your face!!
by tate donovan July 11, 2004
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