To inflate somebody's ego via compliments, praise, or actions.
When the ego of a person is self-inflated.
Having too high an opinion of oneself when in actuality, it is unwarranted.
Don't gas up this idiot!

I would tell him he has nice eyes but I don't want to gas him up. He knows he's good looking as it is.

Amanda has almost 100 likes on her new Facebook profile picture and it totally gassed her up! Now she thinks she's hot shit.
by blattyblattybla September 13, 2013
To smoke high quality cannabis, aka Gas.
Ay fam just reupped we bout to gas up.
by Jonnybgoney December 19, 2020

To help lift the spirits of a person who is feeling down, and inspire them to keep moving forward, by reminding them of who they are;

Usually accomplished by taking the initiative to listen to what they're saying, and understanding their current situation; followed by acknowledging the validity of their feelings, reminding them of their past accomplishments, and then expressing appreciation for their presence in your life/them as a human being.

"Now that I'm older, I'm starting to understand Britney Spears circa 2007 a lot more. If she had someone to gas her up every now and then; maybe she wouldn't have hit that point🤷 ♀️"

"I make a point to gas up the people I love every chance I have; because they deserve to be happy, and feel good about themselves! 💖"

"Don't forget, it is possible to gas up a person*too* much. When you flood a person engine by gassing them up too much, they may exhibits signs of over-confidence such as:
• Acting like a douche
• Being pompous,
• Narcissistic behavior
• Acting like they're better than everyone else, and

• Putting others down

If you suspect a flooded engine, be sure to check the person by reminding them that they are still human; and although they maybe be talented, they are not better than everyone else; and they need to come back down to earth.

Unchecked engine flooding has previously lead to a reality TV star being elected as President of the United States; so make sure to check your loved ones for flooded engines!"
by LilithDarlingxo October 23, 2020
v: to fill another's head with false notions
She was all gassed up, so when she didn't win promqueen she was salty.
by George February 3, 2004
this bitch got me gassed up cuz she aint into me.
by Caca Man March 17, 2004
when some1 is walking or driving really slow and your annoyed
hey dj wanna gas up?
Pay a visit to someone in order to get them to do something urgent.
Gas Up The Jet!’ and GO tell the American people who’s standing in the way of your ENTIRE agenda”
- U.S. Senator Nina Turner tweeting to President Joe Biden
by slangfan January 14, 2022