It is a name, the name means that the person has an abnormaly large penis (10-12 inches).
That guy's name is probably Ville, I can tell by the bulge on is pants.
by TheTrustedOne May 17, 2015
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Finnish for English name William/Bill.
Although Ville is from Finland, he does speak English and will respond to "William" if you address him as such.
by Ryan__ June 3, 2006
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Popular suffix often attached to anyword as an intensifier
he's tiredville after lookin' for us around the whole town
by William Warney July 4, 2009
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"Look at that guy, he must be Ville because he is so fucking autistic!"
by AKIJSDH October 25, 2018
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Here is something someone has once written in urban dictionary that I think is funny, because it's my name. Look how this text tells the truth. Hahah not at all, it says that i'm total human garbage, how funny. This is humour these days and I must do this because other people are doing it.
Ville has no meaning in urban language. Ville is just a finnish forename.
by Litaralsheep January 16, 2019
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Part of east oakland found in the 60th avenues more specifically around 69th ave
Six-nine the vill, whaaaa
by that dozen May 1, 2005
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