96 definition by Sid Barrett

(Noun) A postal mailing that is ridiculously large in size.
Parent: Did you get any information from that college yet?

Kid: Yeah, they only sent me War & Peace 2.
by Sid Barrett August 21, 2008

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One of the most famous baseball players of all time, Willie Mays.
There's Jackie Robinson and then there's the Say Hey Kid.
by Sid Barrett September 16, 2007

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An advertisement that occupants put on hotel/motel doors that says "We're either about to have, are having or have just had sex."
(Door sign): Do Not Disturb

Housekeeping maid: ...
by Sid Barrett March 08, 2011

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When a driver drives so slow that they create a long backlog of cars behind them on a single-lane road. Little old ladies and soccer moms are notorious for these.
My mom made a funeral procession on Rt. 35 today; our car was the hearse and I was the dead man because all my buddies were driving behind me.
by Sid Barrett October 10, 2007

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The general panicy feeling felt by students taking AP classes in high school.
Amy: Jen, where's my psych book?? WHERE'S MY PSYCH BOOK??!!
Jen: Calm down; apparently those therapy sessions didn't help, you still have AParanoia.
by Sid Barrett September 17, 2008

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No Name is one of the names used for the energy drink that was formerly known as Cocaine. The drink has a very high caffeine content at about 33 mg/fl oz or 1120 mg/L (compared to Monster at 10 and 340 respectively and Red Bull at 9.6 and 321 respectively).

After consumer advocate groups spoke out against the name of the drink they pulled the drink from public sale and renamed it. It has also gone by "Insert Name Here" among others.
Doctor: I'm diagnosing you with ADHD.
Patient: No, I don't have ADHD! I just chugged 2 No Names before I came here!
by Sid Barrett April 01, 2008

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SNF is short for Sunday Night Football currently aired on NBC. It's another money guzzler thing the major American football broadcasting companies are pulling.
I watched SNF as my final gasp before the work week started again but it was one hell of a Sunday finale; Cowboys-Eagles at 1, Giants-49ers at 4, Colts-Pats on SNF at 7 and Packers-Bears on MNF.
by Sid Barrett September 09, 2007

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