Corrupt, worthless, organization that claims to be helpful when it comes to health and safety and other crap like that, but in reality they just fuck over everyone they can when they can.
The CDC is fucking garbage and should not be taken serious.
by PhoenixGamer34 July 27, 2021
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CDC stands for Centers for Disease Control. Without the people who work there and other disease research places we'd all have crabs and cat scratch fever. Also in other cases they have a tendency to overreact to things.
Made up statement #1 from the CDC : We're working in conjuction with researchers from the United States Army and Navy to find long-term treatments to the ongoing but controlled MRSA outbreak.

Made up statement #2 from the CDC : OMGWTFBBQ a huge case of emola has taken over the free world as we know it and we should all evacuate the planet!!!! We're all gonna die!!!!
by Sid Barrett January 14, 2008
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I just found out I could squirt, I ain't fuckin with niggas with straight dicks, imma need me a curved dick. That CDC.
by Anonymous101918 November 26, 2016
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Tyrone: "Hey Shiniqua, where Rayquan?" Sheniqua: "O, he done gone fuck up again and be doin da time in the CDC fo holden up the fried chicken and koolaide stand again." Tyrone: "O fo sho!"
by J-Cat Title 15 June 20, 2006
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Stands for "Crying Drunk Chick". This female has had waaayy too much to drink, and is therefore reliving a break-up/reminiscing about the past/ sobbing about their low self-esteem. There's one at every party.
"Oh man, I totally took on the role of CDC last night."
by MAKKER December 16, 2008
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Friend: I got a new shirt today!
You: CDC!
by ReallyCoolGirlYo August 7, 2011
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Calm down, Cougar. When an older woman casually mentions her crush on a much younger man that her daughter also finds attractive
He's 19, you're 35 and his girlfriend's mother. Please just CDC before you end up robbing the cradle
by InDyRaCeR January 22, 2019
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