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1. A girl or unmarried young woman. A maiden.

2. An abbreviation of maidservant or handmaiden: a female servant who cleans the house and waits on you.
1. The bride, a fair maid sixteen years of age, stood veiled beside a groom a decade older than her whom she had never met.

2. The lady of the manor ordered two maids to stop chatting and return to work.
by Lorelili October 16, 2010
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Massive Alcohol-Induced Dump.
Dude, I just had the world's biggest M.A.I.D. Crushed way too many PBRs last night.
by superculona September 27, 2009
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A person, usually a female who cleans the house (dusts, washes the floor and or toilets and will vacuum
I love my maid christy, she is a very good house cleaner
by Jennalovestoby February 24, 2016
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a lady who cleans the house and knows how to fuck.
My French maid is always there to make my dick happy when I arrive home.
by Don Juan March 08, 2003
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A women who works for you and does what you want. Maids will usually cook and clean for you and listen to your every order.
1. Lady: "Go and scrub the stairwell maid"

Maid: "Yes Madame"

2. Lady: "Maid, I order you to give me a foot rub"

Maid: " Of Course, Madame"
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by CheeseyPizza July 22, 2020
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The combination of getting Mono and AIDS in one sexual experience(session).
I have MAIDS, I hate the bitch that gave me MAIDS, she should die.
by Evan Met April 20, 2006
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