1. The source of my nightmares

2. Borat's favorite type of swim suit
Boy: (waking his mom up) Mommy?
Mom: What is it?
Boy: There's a monster in my closet.
Mom: I thought you already got over your fear of monsters in the closet.
Boy: Yeah, but this one's wearing a mankini.

2. Oh, don't mind that guy, it's just Borat in his mankini.
by Sid Barrett March 17, 2008
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A one piece t-back style bathing suit which is supported around the shoulders much like suspenders. Seen on gay friendly beaches all over the world. Only to be worn by the most flaaaaaaayming fags. If you are seen wearing a mankini you are the poster boy for gays......some people might call you faggadocious.......some might even say you are starving a for tube steak smothered in underwear or you are training to suck el-dicko. Everyone will see you as a dung punching ass bandit.
That fruity bastard wearing the mankini is handing out free passes to his ass.
by Cuban Pete October 1, 2004
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Mankini, a bikini bottom, designed for a man, preferably not a chunkier man.
church was seen in the shower trailer wearing nothing but a mankini

Does the "m" designator stand for "mankini"???
by SPC Boone August 30, 2007
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Item of clothing worn by Ed Dale to accentuate his natural assets.
Ed's looking hot today, that mankini really brings out the blue in his eyes.
by AllisonR-Barb-Lisa July 11, 2008
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The best outfit ever. If anyone ever asks if you want a mankini say yes immediately. Even if you are fat a mankini will get you all the ladies.
by DictionariesArePeopleToo May 27, 2019
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An entirely too small pair of shorts worn by a dude.
Who actually wears a Mankini to a beach?!?
by Doc_G December 11, 2006
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