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Literature is the all-inclusive term used to describe instructions or other small-typed text found in various products in small booklets or otherwise. A classic example of "fine American literature" would be Johnson & Johnson's literature on their rectal thermometers (see below).
An example of American literature:

"Every Rectal Thermometer made by Johnson & Johnson is personally tested and then sanitized." -from literature of rectal thermometers made by Johnson and Johnson
by Sid Barrett February 02, 2008

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More or less pure sugar thats somewhat flavored and sold in a plastic tube. Add a yard-long thing of this stuff to a Monster and get the fuck outta the way!!!

Also, do not mistake as coke, very very painful and can cause severe bleeding. Don't be "cool" and try it cause it ain't fun when your buddies are so high that they can't remember how to dial 9-1-FUCKING-1.
What will happen if you consume a yard-long Pixy Stix too fast:

"I am cornholio!!"
by Sid Barrett July 06, 2007

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Tlachtli is an ancient form of a ballgame played by various cultures although it is generally associated with the Aztecs. The exact pronounciation is as it's spelled but because of the basic translation of native languages to Spanish during the Inquisition it's not how it originally was pronounced.

Anyways, tlachtli was overall a brutal sport, rugby and American football have little on this sport. The game was played with a hard rubber ball (came right off of rubber tress) which became as hard as rock when temperatures dropped. Weighing anywhere from 5 to 10 pounds 2-5 players per team had to hit the ball with their elbows, hips or legs through a stone ring that was placed above the court typically several feet high.

The walls of the court it was played in were slanted So that the ball could make a feable attempt at bouncing off and helped the odds of getting the ball into the stone ring. The court was set up like modern volleyball, one team on one side and the other team on the other side. In some cases the game would go on for days with no break until one team got the ball through the ring to score a point.

The cultural importance of the game was huge to the Ancient Central American people because they would use the game for both weather predictions and as a form of human sacrifice. Priests and fortune tellers would study the path of the ball and they would create primitive forms of almanacs out of their predictions. Also at the end of the game either the winning team (the team that got the ball through the hoops the most) or the losing team would be offered to the ancient gods as sacrifice (the team to be sacrificed likely depended on the tribe such as Aztecs, Incas, ect).

Some modern artifacts remain from the ball courts. In fact a near completely-intact court remains today at Chichen Itza.
We played our own form of tlachtli on Saturday and it was brutal! Our ankles killed like crazy and we'd only scored a few points.
by Sid Barrett February 12, 2008

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1. A person who has never had sex for whatever reason.

2. Alcohol-free if a drink is typically served containing alcohol.
1. Finding a virgin who's a freshman in college is rare. A college grad who's a virgin is a lot rarer.

2. I got a virgin pina colada since I'm really starting to feel those real ones I had earlier.
by Sid Barrett December 12, 2009

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The stress and mood swings during the week before a high school prom for any person going into or already into politics.
Being a member of the Model UN and a Girls Nation delegate, Mary wasn't having just promaramadram, she was having Obamapromaramadrama.
by Sid Barrett May 14, 2008

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The Beer-Liquor Rule is a guideline for alcohol consumption that goes like this:

"Liquor before beer, nothing to fear. Beer before liquor, never been sicker."

The placement of the 2 relationships doesn't matter whether one's before the other, as several drunks have argued it as long as they rhyme you've got the idea of the Rule.
Sonia forgot the Beer-Liquor Rule on a Friday night and missed her hair appointment the next morning.
by Sid Barrett February 02, 2008

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Cliffs of Dover is a song by instrumental Rock artist Eric Johnson (Johnson does sing in some of his other songs but Cliffs of Dover is instrumental.

Cliffs of Dover was first released on Johnson's "Ah Via Musicom" in 1990 and won a Grammy for Johnson for Best Instrumental Rock Performance in 1991.

Several versions of the song exist however since Johnson almost never plays the song the same way twice, commonly the intro or outro will have distinct variations in it which distinguish the version from others.

The song is also noted as one of the last songs played on the Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock video game. The version on the game is a cover though and was not performed by Johnson himself. "Cliffs of Dover" has done for Eric Johnson what "Through the Fire and Flames" has done for DragonForce.
We went to the Steve Miller show and I didn't know the opening act but Dan went wild when this song he says is called Cliffs of Dover came on.
by Sid Barrett February 01, 2008

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