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K is a common abbreviation for a strikeout in baseball. K's come in handy when using score cards and for other misc. uses. A forwards K means that the batter struck out swinging while a backwards K means that the batter did not swing at the last strike for the out.
Three K's in the inning, it doesn't get much better than that.
by Sid Barrett August 19, 2007

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A river bitch is a poker term to describe a player who folds, or gives up their hand, on the river or the last card shown for the community cards in Texas Hold 'Em. Normally if they are the first to act they will check and will have a hand where they didn't know if they wanted to stay in or give up their hand.

Poker players are likely to be river bitches if they are very conservative players and don't bet much at a given time. River bitches in some cases will want to avoid showing their cards after the betting round after the river if they think their opponent(s) has a better hand.
Jake, stop being such a river bitch! That's the 8th time you've folded on the river tonight.
by Sid Barrett August 06, 2007

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A John Collins is a Tom Collins except with whiskey instead of gin.

Here's how a bartender would normally prepare a John Collins:

1. Fill a highball glass with ice. 2. Add 1 oz whiskey, whatever requested. 3. Fill halfway with sour mix or appropriate substitute. 4. Shake. 5. Fill rest of the way with soda water. 6. Add straw. 7. Garnish with a flag (orange and cherry) and serve.
-Hey, can I get a John Collins?
-What would you like in that? Jack? Crown?
by Sid Barrett January 08, 2010

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A Facebook status (but it could also be used on other social networking sites) which is short for "I'm having sex or am about to have sex so don't bother me until further notice." This is often used when you have no idea where your roommate is or simply don't want other people like friends or suitemates to bother you. This is sometimes shortened to just "Code White" but Barry White was chosen because he is rumored to be able to sing any song and make it sound sexual.
Just got back to my place, awesome night on frat row. Code Barry White.
by Sid Barrett March 07, 2011

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Similar to a cock block, a rock block is when someone or a group of people purposefully sabatoge a drug deal. Although this term has roots in the crack cocaine trade it can be used for all kinds of drug deals which go bad. Busted gang membems will sometimes cooperate with police and rock block in order to get a reduced sentence for their own crimes or they'll rock block out of revenge.
There was a bad rock block last night so now the whole group is split in 2 over tensions.
by Sid Barrett January 20, 2011

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The 3 hour rule says that while in Boston if you have no plans you have absolutely no idea where you'll end up in 3 hours from the point where you no longer had any plans.
It's 10PM and I have no plans... I'll just wait for the 3 hour rule to kick in.
by Sid Barrett September 18, 2009

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The Rent is a nickname for Rentschler Field, a stadium in East Hartford, CT.

The Rent is home to the UConn Huskies football team. During the summer the stadium holds concerts which are typically sold out. Famous acts who have performed at the Rent include The Rolling Stones, The Police and Bruce Springsteen. The stadium has also hosts major soccer matches but these matches have always been simply qualifying matches, not championship matches.

The stadium sits on and old Pratt & Whitney airfield strip and still has the original runway in place. Parking for the Rent goes up and down the runway and in some cases fans have to walk literally miles to get to the stadium. In 2007 Cabela's, an outdoor supplies company, opened up on the same P&W property.
Football fan: Hey, want to go the the UConn / Rutgers game this Saturday at the Rent?
Other fan: Sure, but that UConn / USF game 2 weeks ago was brutal! We walked the whole runway in a downpour!
by Sid Barrett February 23, 2008

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