Rob Thomas: Well I gotta wait for the first to go out, sugar.
Christina Aguilera: What for baby?
Rob Thomas: I ain't got no green paint til then, mama.
by Johnny B Great February 16, 2011
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A business or person falsy claiming to be eco-friendly or sustainable because it is a marketable business opportunity.
Be careful when you sell eco-friendly products that are not pure because people will accuse you of green painting.
by dimondite July 21, 2006
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Refers to pulling out a wad of cash and paying someone and making the motion of painting over your hand while flipping out the bills.
Joey had to tip everyone at the wedding so pulled out the old green paint brush.
by Carmine From Jersey October 23, 2007
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Have you ever been on an INTERNET CALL with other people. Only to discover a moody woman staring down at you.

The eyes watching you, they move. Soon, you realise you've been hypnotised.

This is the Moody Green Woman Painting Slut. Be ware.
Hey, did you have a meeting with the guy and the Moody Green Woman Painting Slut? Fuck me, what is that slut doing look at me, judging me, ruling my dreams. Save me from the Moody Green Woman Painting Slut.
by cheeseslut July 13, 2022
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