Musician whose music has the incredible power to get just about anyone in the world laid. See also:

wordIsaac Hayes/word

wordMark Knopfler/word

wordMarvin Gaye/word
by KWSN April 27, 2003
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"Yo nukkah u get down wit dat Barry White?"

"Nah mang I only slang dat shit."
by ocpp April 25, 2010
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A dead mutha fucka who got alot of people laid. Also lended his voice to Arby's for a stupid fucking commercial.
DAMN! Barrry White is dead!? Now how can I eat at Arby's OR get laid?!
by ErsatzSemlance July 12, 2003
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Having the Barry White's

Belfast slag for having constant diarrhea
Person A: "Going out for a few the night mate?"
Person B: "Nah fuck that, I've got the Barry White's"
Person A: "Shitter!"
Person B: "Aye! Been there most of the day, my arsehole is red raw"
by GC1886 December 30, 2011
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v. When an overweight man attempts and fails at being smooth. Usually accompanies a bad cologne such as Stetson and a few gold chains.
Why did you leave me alone? I just got Barry Whited by that man who looks like a 400 pd John Travolta.
by Missyfoosy November 28, 2004
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