30 definition by Sid

3 ounces of a substance, drug dealer lingo
Hook me up with 3'z of good weed or I only need 3 z's of chronic today
by SiD May 22, 2004

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Slang term used to describe a Russian sailor. Came about through the failure to enter "Target" into a video game high score board.
Screw you Targe!

Haha, "Targe"

by Sid January 02, 2005

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state of the windscreen or glass after a high velocity local impact at . A visual onometopeia, as cracks proceed from the epicenter of impact, radially outwards, much like a spider's web.
i was thrown violently against the windscreen, and rebounded into the air.. i am ok but i spiderwebbed the windscreen beyond repair.
by sid June 27, 2004

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Being at the pub when all the fit girls are gone and having to sift through all the Minger's that remain (because if you don't manage to pull one, you are destined for a Hand Shandy or aFizzing)
From Paul: "Sid, All the hotties are taken so I'm off Mingerling, want to join me?"
by Sid June 02, 2004

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austrian state of the art electroclash/chipmusic project
see zerozillion.net
by sid December 28, 2003

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Developed from IRC and First Person Shooters as the word fear.
OMG, I pwn. Phjeer me!
by Sid October 05, 2004

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One who Blends and Buzzes. Perhaps throws things at you.
Mimi is a Bizzier Bitch
by Sid May 28, 2003

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