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The art of leaving a social event in the midst of fun and games, and be dragged home by the testicles that your girlfriend has a firm grip of, then to say you shall be back in 1 hour precisely, only to never turn up at all.
"To do a chooky"

Chooky - "Back in an hour guys"
1 hour later...

Azmoden - "Where the f#$k is chooky?"
by sid January 14, 2004
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A person from Edinburgh, Scotland which is called Embra in the local dialect
All reekies are chookies but not all chookies are reekies.

Prince Philip is the Chooky Embra.
by headye March 28, 2010
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`Chooky`means ` Duke of`; `Embra` means Edinburgh and the combination was, definitively,the way Glasgow people referred to the Duke of Edinburgh ie Chooky Embra. I suppose `Chooky ` might have come to mean a person from Edinburgh but, if so, it has been manufactured just as ` Weegie ` was to describe a Glaswegian.
The Chooky Embra is 96 years old..
by Urban Jungle Jim January 23, 2019
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