Beautiful and really funny. Sometimes can be a total bitch, but at the end of the day, they are the best person to talk too or be friends with. Most caring person, but at times, they can completely turn around and stab you in the back. Can stand up for themselves. Strong and powerful.
person 1: who is that making everyone laugh?
person 2: obviously it is tobi. no
by pu$$yw33d March 15, 2017
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Tobi is a loving boy who enjoys life and the beautiful late night sky.

He will do anything to protect anyone from danger even his most hated enemies.

Though he has a dark pass but fools everyone around him with just a fake smile.

He is simply, other known as an angel from god himself.
Have you seen that guy over there?

Yeah he reminds me of a Tobi!
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Tobi is the kinda guy who is shy at first, but once he gets close to someone he opens up more. Often people use Tobi to get what they want then hurt him and leave him.

Tobi is usually very smart and talented.

Tobi comes from a bad past there for is very sensitive and shy.

Tobi's are very handsome but a lot of people do not realize it because his beauty is hidden by glasses or out shined by his friends who are more noticable due to their big personality and their looks, while not much people know the true Tobi because he is shy.

Tobi never steals boyfriends/Girlfriends, and if he also has a crush on someone his friend likes, and if his friends like the same person he will try his best to get over them and get them with his friend.

There are a lot of things you do not know about Tobi. He helps people with their problems even tho he has worse. Once you meet a Tobi, you should really try to get to know them and keep th close to you because they are rare to find and awesome and are fragile so please don't hurt him for the hell of it.
Girl: Wow, I thought Tobi was an aas because he don't talk to anyone and that's what Evan said, but he's so nice and handsome and so very sweet!

Girl 2: Ikr he is so much fun to play video games with!
by Whyiseverythingtakenimeanwut February 4, 2020
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A boy who wanted to know his name on urban dictionary, but only got stupid anime things about a girl with a mask. Nice and smart.
Wow, did you hear about the kid with many friends and who got an A on the test? He must be a Tobi.
by Dank memester September 10, 2017
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he is just too Tobi
by t-boie August 2, 2011
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^-^ Tobi is a good boy

He is in the fictional criminal organization, akatsuki. His parter is Deidara. he looks up to both Zetsu and said partner. As of naruto chapter 409 (I believe) his identity has been revealed as not Obito, but Madara Uchiha.
Tobi- So I can join akatsuki now?

Zetsu- No

Tobi- Why not?!

Zetsu- Tobi is a good boy.
by Vampiric-Blood September 27, 2008
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