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Icing" -- or "getting iced" -- is a frat star drinking game. The rules are simple: If a person sees a Smirnoff Ice, he or she must get down on one knee and chug it, unless they happen to be carrying their own Smirnoff, in which case they can "ice block," or refract the punishment back onto the attacker. In order to dupe people into stumbling across the beverage, participants have devised creative ways of presenting them with Ices, like strapping the bottles to the backs of dogs or burying them in vats of protein powder.
Typical Icing situation @ work: Bro has to get some quick copies to hand to the executives. β€œWhy isn’t this copier working!?!?!” Dave asks. To his disbelief the paper drawer acts as a makeshift cooler for a nice warm ICE.
by T-$$$$$$$$$ May 28, 2010
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during a hockey game, usually a technique, when the puck is shot from a team's defensive side of the ice past the opposing team's goal line, wich results in a penalty if the puck is then touched by a player instead of a goaltender.
the puck was icing after it crossed the goal line.
by leanna!@#$ November 30, 2008
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To ignore or exclude someone.
1.) "Why are we icing Megan out of our friend group again?"

"She's been wrapped up in her new relationship, and honestly it's her own fault for blowing us off all the time."
2.) "I can't believe you iced that guy you met on Tinder last week, I thought you were looking for a boyfriend."

"Can't I just want a quick fuck? He was annoying anyways."
by tpoa January 17, 2018
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1. The act of shooting someone at gun point and killing them.

2. The act of giving a duece duece smiroff ice to an unsuspecting soul and then they proceed to get on one knee and chug with the opposite hand in the air pointed up while you drink the bottle in its entire amount at one time.
"Jake, you trying to go ice someone right now?"
"Hell yeah, I am icing them all until they are bitch drunk."

I just iced this dude on 1st and clement, lights out.
by sorryaboutit May 11, 2010
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An act contrived by Smirnoff (due to piss poor sales) and carried out by tools, douche-bags, and high school band members; whereas one "bro" presents an unsuspecting person with a Smirnoff Ice and he HAS TO DRINK IT....(and get this) ON ONE KNEE! Hysterical!

Bro, I iced this guy so bad last night at the Michael Buble concert. It was rad...I can't wait to post it to Facebook. BTW, what time are we meeting Friday night for dungeons and dragons?
by D F B August 05, 2010
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