The highest number of people killed in a single school shooting. The current high score is 33 held by Cho Seung Hui from the Virginia Tech shooting.
Person 1: "Dude, that kid looks like he's gonna shoot up the school"
Person 2: "I wonder if he can beat the high score?"
by chingchongnipnong August 29, 2008
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To have sex with someone under the influence of drugs.

Literally, to score with someone high.
I met this stoner chick at a party last night and totally got a high score.

You should never beat your high score.
by Peter W.N. January 8, 2010
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The highest number of kills acheived in a school or camp shooting spree. The current record stands at 82. The record was set on July 22, 2011 by Anders B. Breivik, at Utøya, in Oslo, Norway.
Guy 1: Did you hear about that guy who shot all those kids in Norway?
Guy 2: Yeah, apparently he set a new high score.
by smellslikesummer July 23, 2011
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The highest point of development or achievement in the sexual arts.

The high score is obtained when one not only beats the game but reaches new hidden areas and secret passages not found previously. The high score is the pinnacle of sexual achievement. An unforgettable performance.
Last week I hit the high score when I left that girl with curry cunt on her mango lassi.
by drMO April 29, 2007
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this tells how many pics your girl has been sending to dudes on snap
oh shit my girl has a high snap score
by G0rl March 11, 2019
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As Yoda once said: To the streets she belongs
Timmy: Yo she got a High Snap score I wouldn’t date her
Lee: Oh shit thanks for the heads up brotha
by Dr opinionated August 18, 2020
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typically a girl who has loads of so called boy friends who plays with boys emotions and hoes about with everyone usually girls named paige or Charlotte
boy1:I really like her
boy2:I wouldn't she has a high snap score shes probably a hoe who will play you.
by Peppa pig123 February 28, 2021
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