If some1 does something extremely stupid, or hypocritical, they can be said to have done a, or been rock solid.

The meaning of why you say "rock solid" is left to interpretation, it's funny any possible way.
person talks about something and is completely wrong in every way. you can then say "rock solid" indicating they are dumb/stupid.
by non-rock solid October 10, 2006
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a person who makes stupid comments and craps on about total shit.
a rock solid usually says:
dip dip
penis vagina
poofta penis
if u were my father id adopt u
by dip dip July 24, 2006
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someone who is extremely unreliable in every aspect
dude 1: nah dude, dont let john get the stuff, hes rock solid
dude 2: fucking anoying
by snitchsmack May 24, 2009
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Being rock solid means being well grounded with someone close to you , to be close in a friendship, relationship, etc. To stay honest, and real no matter the circumstances.
He was honest in everything he did and said, we're really close friends, I told him everything and he didn't tell a soul my deepest secrets. His character is rock solid!
by Ajohnson91 October 17, 2017
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when a guy sends you a dick pic with the caption solid as a rock right now ,claiming he's hard over you when reality he's a porn addict and doesn't like you sorry
Guy's Dick Pic: My dick's Rock Solid for you now baby

Me: Leaves on seen cause you know he got porn on his recent search history
by rainbowdash35 March 21, 2018
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Rock solid, refering to Kirishima from my hero academia. This is a unansweerable question that the fandom has ponderd about for quite some time now. but one day this question will do a sailer move transfermation and wilith be solved.
other devinition
some gay rock
yo yo yo me fellow me my hero academia watcher? If rock solid is rock solid if doese is his rock solid?
by bnhafanomaticia December 13, 2018
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