Oh Gladys Dont wait up for me I'm off for a hand shandy
by Leeny Burghers April 4, 2003
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a wank, spanking the monkey, something huns do on a too regular basis
by Bobby October 13, 2003
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A sexual act carried out by all classes of society amongst males of solitary habits upon their own loins, or by a female upon the loins of a male. It involves the manual manipulation of the male organ in order to achieve sexual solace. This practise is very common. It is believed that the term refers to the white froth found floating on a glass of shandy (an alcoholic fizzy drink comprised of beer and lemonaide) and the similarities between this foam and the effluxion of sexual fluid that occurs during the moment of male solace.
Bert couldn’t wait to get in the back seat with Edna. She asked him if he wanted a hand-shandy!’
by Colonel Barnaby February 16, 2023
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'avin a wank
yeahi'll be five minutes just gotto go for a hand-shandy
by thorntonj August 2, 2008
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A handjob from an attractive woman who happens to be simultaneously displaying her tits
"I'll give any bitch in this room a fiver for a topless hand shandy!"
by JehuLove March 2, 2010
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