a great way to pass the time between sleep. Not quite as good as sex but not as bad boredom. (better than sex for some people)geeksnerds
by Green Dragon January 30, 2004
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An entertaining challenge in which the player(s) must acheive a goal to succeed.
Origionally, a video game was to be played through the television. It can be either that or on the computer.
by Josh January 30, 2004
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The fun thing you play when trying to get the VHS to work.
If it's not working now, JVC is dead.
by Quakeulf February 3, 2004
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A game played on a xbox, playstation, nintindo, gamecube, gameboy, computer, or any portable game player. This is usually supposed to be fun and is rated like movies. You play it with a control pad. Thanks so much!
We invited friends over to play video games with us! Lets just say were about the BIGGEST losers in school.
by insane February 3, 2004
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A form of electronic interactive entertainment, one that has a considerable amount of history, and one that has gained an incredible amount of world-wide recognition over the years.

However, despite their technilogical evolution, world-wide recognition, and staggering age-spanning consumer rates, video games are still subjected to a variety of stereotypes.

These stereotypes are maintained by those who still harness the mindset that "all" video games are stupid, childish, time-wasting, mentally unbeneficial, or anyone who plays video games is somehow incapable of having a life.

On the contrary, video games in many ways can be more mentally beneficial than any other form of entertainment.

Specific video games can provide god-like creative abilities, have educational values, reduce stress levels, improve hand-eye coordination, stimulate intellectual properties, even make exercise enjoyable thanks to evolved control schemes "Wii Fit".

Delving into the immersive qualities of video games, video games can have very unique relationships with story-telling due to their interactivity.

These include altering the course of the story based on choices, playing as different characters, having multiple endings e.t.c

I could go on forever.

Video games do not only offer entertainment, but unmatched immersive storytelling experiences.
Carlton: Video games are stupid.
Jake: No, that’s just a stereotype, and by today’s standards you couldn't be more false.
by A random individual January 11, 2011
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a form of entertainment that is composed of any type of game put into a digital image on a screen and is operated by the player through means of a control connected to a form of a console

commonly a scapegoat for politicians and crappy parents

my hobby

ace combat 4,halo,alien vs predator 2,mortal kombat,street fighter,megaman X,kirby,super mario world, and yoshi's island made my kid gouge my wife's left eye out and feed it to our dog,i woulda stopped him or tought him better,but i was to drunk off my ass to be a proper parent

by covenant mastermind October 9, 2003
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