The act of popping up the collar of a polo shirt, so it covers the neck.

Twenty years ago kids in ghetto wore their collars popped, now it is a trend among frat boys and preps.

A common look for the frat boy is to wear a pink polo shirt with the collar popped. The pink shirt fools sorostitutes into thinking that frat boy is comfortable with his sexuality, when in reality, every sixth word out of his mouth is faggot.
And here we see a fine specimen of prep. Note the sandles with socks, meticulously groomed hair, and popped collar.
by JakeStar May 7, 2005
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On a polo shirt, the style of lifting the collar up instead of having it in its natural, down position.
"If I see another popped collar, necks will be broken!"
by kwashia January 11, 2005
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Many Americans are confused concerning the real definition of a “popped collar”. In short, a collar has been popped when the wearer flips it up, so that it no longer rests on one's shoulders. It frames the face, and hides much of the neck. Many “poppers” nonchalantly flip their collars up, allowing the adjunct flap of fabric to slouch as it pleases, to create a vibe of effortless hipness. Some fastidiously iron said accessory, opting for a slick, polished look. Some favor the Twilight Zone style, fluffing their coat collars in a mysterious manner. The extremely confident poppers layer shirts, and simultaneously pop multiple collars. Polo or button-down shirts are the most popular media for poppage. (Typical of the coastal prep school dude and wannabe ganstas.)
That silly frat boy had a popped collar, until I pummeled him AND his collar into the ground.
by fuzzykiwi44 August 7, 2005
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All I'm going to say: While the current state of the popped collar is upsetting, to say the least, it has its roots in legitimacy. The original collars were not just fashionable, they had function. The sea-goers of yore faced many perilous conditions, among them the harmful rays from the sun. They learned early on covering their necks was beneficial to their health, in terms of dehydration, as well as avoiding burns. The trend was picked up by people who 'summer' in Cape Cod, those for whom sailing is a passion, and while not drinking or talking abouts sailing, they sail. So knock it, but don't hate on it.
'That popped collar is fashionably questionable, but he's no redneck.'
by djking January 30, 2008
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See Pop the Collar.

A thing people do to imitate Count Chocula and his infamous Choclatey Popped Collar, otherwise commonly referred to as ChocoPop. But they fail to realize that they aren't the Count, and so they just look like fags.
I was eating cereal one day when I happened to notice the prevalent popped collar of Mr. Chocula.
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Usually worn by Preps or Frat boys, they pop their collars because they hid their hickies they got from other frat boys.
Wow, i beat the shit out of that Fag with the pink polo shirt with a popped collar.
by Long Live Gin and Juice July 22, 2005
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a fashion statement worn by guys as a sign that they can't get their dick up anymore.
popped collars is caused by e.d. and e.d. is caused by diabetes and other blood related issues.
by im kind of gay March 25, 2008
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