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What you say when you don't want to hear what people are saying or when you are daydreaming in school.
Teacher: So the word hypotenuse is derived from the Celtic term <i>coconuts</i> meaning to draw a hypotenuse while hopping on one leg while wearing a dress. Which brings us to Lesson 5/A-09. Hypotenuse + Tea = scotch tape.

Student: lalalalala
by Shaeghda October 27, 2007

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The game with the capability of consuming your soul into to a never-ending torture of being called a noob, getting owned in Wildy, and failing History class because when your homework asked you "Who assassinated Abraham Lincoln?" you answered "Zezima with an abby whip and a rune defender".

Runescape has socially killed more people than Hitler, Saddam Hussein, and Genghis Khan combined.
Brian: Hey, I'm going PK'ing tonight on Runescape. Want to join?

Stan: No way, ever since I stopped playing homework, I've actually been able to leave my room and inhale fresh air.
You hear that Brian?? FRESH AIR!!
by Shaeghda October 27, 2007

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Kurt Cobain completely revolutionized Grunge with his inspirational music style and hit singles such as "Smells like Teen Spirit", "Lithium", and "Come as you are". Alongside Krist Novoselic (bassist) and Dave Grohl (drummer), he formed the band Nirvana. You will Never see or hear of any band like Nirvana. They were one of a kind. Kurt Cobain was one of a kind. Some even consider him to be God.
To this day he lives on in his eternal legacy as one of history's greatest singers/songwriters.

R.I.P. Kurt Cobain

You will live on in our hearts and minds forever
Guy 1: Dude, Nirvana is on tour and their coming here tonight! I have an extra ticket to their concert and your coming with me.

Guy 2: Ouch, I can't. I have to babysit my kid brother tonight.

Guy 1: Dude, it's Nirvana. You have to go.

Guy 2: yeah, your right. I don't know what I was thinking to actually miss watching Kurt Cobain sing live...wait here while I go get my jacket.
by Shaeghda October 22, 2007

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The cross-breed between an "idiot" and a 'retard"
That guy over there is such an idiotard.
by Shaeghda October 28, 2007

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Another word for "pinped out" only refering to fixing up, upgrading, and accesorizing a car.
G-Dog: Yo dog! Scope my my totally tricked out ride!

Homie: Fo Shizzle! Mind if I take a stroll in it 'cross the hood?

G-Dog: OH HELL NO!!!!!!!!!
by Shaeghda October 27, 2007

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An Inexperienced and way in over his head guy who wants to run for president when he's clearly not ready yet since he just recently got into office as Senator of Illinois.
Voter 1: I'm voting for Obama!

Voter 2: Your clearly not ready for voting yet.

by Shaeghda October 27, 2007

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The Islamic term for God.
Though it is a common misconception to believe otherwise, Allah and God are both the same.
Muslim: Well I'm off to the mosque to worship Allah.

Christian: You mean God?

Muslim: Yeah. Pretty much.
by Shaeghda October 27, 2007

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