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To swap an engine from a car with an engine that doesn't belong in it.
I'm gonna cross-breed my BMW to a 2JZ Toyota Supra engine.

I cross-bred my BMW with a EJ25 Subaru engine. Which is also called a FAIL
by SubieDoobyDo May 03, 2010
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{Cross-bred-past tense}
To go out/date someone from another school. Commonly used in same sex schools as a majority of the people there are not homosexuals.Also used in co-ed schools.
Linda has cross-bred with that blond guy from the private school.
Are you going to cross-breed with that guy from St Xaviers.
by End Of Fashion January 17, 2006
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A Wes!!!!
Someone that is a cross between their mother and father????
by phill March 14, 2004
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Musically speaking: a Crossbreed is the coming together of two seemingly opposite styles, usually Hiphop/Rap crossing with another genre. A kind of Crossbreed commonly seen is a Wemo(see Wemo Kid). A Crossbreed can be Hiphop crossing Country (ie. Big n' Rich), Rock (ie. Beastie Boys, Limp Bizkit), Punk (ie. The Transplants) or Metal/Hardcore (ie E. Town Concrete)

Personally Speaking: a Crossbreed is someone who listens to said Crossbreed music(see above). Style of Crossbreed can be one of two: Open crossbreeds, someone that is open about the crossing of genres, like Wemo Kids(see Wemo Kid). and Closet Crossbreeds, much more common, someone that looks Punk/Rock/Counrty but secretly listens to Hiphop, and Vice-Versa Someone that looks Hiphop can listen to Punk/Rock/Country secretly.

*Can be used as a little known insult.
"so-and-so" is a Crossbreed, she looks Gothic but she only listen to Marilyn Manson, the rest is Chingy and Ludacris

Big n Rich are Crossbreed music!

*Hahaha your such an effing crossbreed!
by 5ohnfive October 29, 2005
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This is usauly a dog thing. This is wear a dog is a mix between two different breeds. Some times mixed breeds are classed as different breed and are called designer dogs i.e. a cross between a cocker spaniels and a poodle is a cocker poo, a cross between a labrodor and a poodle is a labrodoole

However not all cross breeds are designer dog breeds. Some aren't even recognised as a breed but are recognised as a 'type' of dog these types include the lurcher wich is a cross between a greyhound and another sight hound
I have a border collie cross witha cockier spaniel, he completely mental cross breed.
by Finnerty October 24, 2009
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Someone who is not bad nor good at what they are supposed to do, but go unappreciated.
"My teacher is making us work while he's at some conference. He is such a crossbreed
by Reptar love May 15, 2018
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Crossbreed is an accepted genre of music that blends Hardcore Techno with hard Drum & bass, and is promoted by a good number of big labels. the genre was started pioneered by The Outside Agency. This definition is very vague because i dont know the technical stuff about the genre but all i can tell you is that if you listen to enough of this genre you'll be able to distinguish it from Drum & Bass and Hardcore. ONE NOTABLE trait is the genres use of distorted kicks, i think its the main trademark of the genre.

The Outside Agency - The Price Is Right
Savage - Violent
The Outside Agency & Current Value - They Are Human
The Outside Agency & Peter Kurten and Katharsys - Favorite Sin
its just a genre name 'crossbreed'
by c2Fk October 31, 2017
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