When a woman stands with her legs together, but there is triangular gap between her thighs right under her butt. Most notable when she is wearing a bathing suit or short shorts. Refers to the fact that air can flow between her thighs.
Check out that girl. She has fresh air.
by Nagual March 10, 2006
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"mind watching our beers while we go get a little fresh air?"
"like a breath of fresh air..."
by mr. beal January 19, 2004
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To go outside of a building and smoke a cigarette. Usually used in a gathering where non-smokers are involved.
by where we droppin bois? April 1, 2018
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A man asking a women that is giving him head to lick his ass,and when she does so pretend that he likes it but he is just struggling to pull a fart,and in the end farts in her face to give her a taste of that "fresh air"
Yo i totally gave my gf last night a fresh air
by D Ice December 2, 2007
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The 'fresh air wish' is the act of a religious person aiming a prayer to any of the many man made gods they happen to have been indoctrinated into. It shall never reach the non-existent phantasm obviously, but the audacity to think if there was such a omnipotent being that his plan for everything, all that hard work, all those late nights...and he fucked it up! If only he would listen to a prayer of advice, the lowly mortal human could set god straight!!!
Get off your knees! Your fresh air wish is an insult to intelligence.
by TheCorrectKnowledge March 29, 2020
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1. (noun): a person who attempts to prevent cigarette or cigar smoking in public. Especially applicable in locations (bars, pubs, patios) where smoking is allowed.

2. (noun): A self-righteous and discourteous non-smoker who attempts to shame smokers by coughing loudly when walking past or rudely insisting that smokers are dirty, disgusting addicts who are killing themselves and others.

3. (noun): a person who offers unsolicited health information about the effects of smoking to complete strangers.

See also: Dark Lord, cigarette.

"When I lit up on the patio, some old lady asked me to stop killing her."

"Bloody fresh-air fascist!"
by Tessa Who September 3, 2005
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