The only phrase I WANT to say during my criminal confession of mental redardation.
"Are you guilty of refusing to state that you had a serious mental problem?"
"Lalalalalalalala, this is not happening, lalalalalalalala, all is well, lalala...
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What you say when you don't want to hear what people are saying or when you are daydreaming in school.
Teacher: So the word hypotenuse is derived from the Celtic term <i>coconuts</i> meaning to draw a hypotenuse while hopping on one leg while wearing a dress. Which brings us to Lesson 5/A-09. Hypotenuse + Tea = scotch tape.

Student: lalalalala
by Shaeghda October 27, 2007
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said when you are very board and day dreaming
by neala December 6, 2002
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a expresion of happiness
"la la la la, what a wonderful day it is to be outside."
by Isebella August 30, 2003
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the noise you make when tongin your rams ringpiece
man1 : wheres stonk ?

man2 : i think hes with jonk
man 1 : lalalalala
man2 : indeed, sick bummers
by juiceking2011 September 13, 2011
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What a girl usually says/sings when she's bored.
Boy: "Hey are you done with your math homework?"
Girl: "I'm working on it."
Boy: "Okay, hurry up."

-10 minutes later-

Girl: (Drawing) "lalalalala"
by omgitsthatkidagain October 26, 2009
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