15 definitions by Sami

a word to describe "beauty" in sweden
- hej marijah!
would be:

"hey beauty!"
by Sami September 06, 2004
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A breakfast meal consisting of porn only.
I normally have my daily dose of porn flakes right after i wake up.
by Sami December 05, 2004
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A yiddish word for face, or more specifically a cute face.
Oy, look at the punim on that one!
by Sami December 26, 2004
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An Arabic name that means high or highly ranked (describes greatness). I'm very blessed to have this name since I do feel that I'm the greatest Xp
sami is so great, I wish I'd be like him one day.
by Sami November 08, 2004
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to have physical contact with someone, such as making out, feeling up, or fucking.
"That boy is so pure sex, I can't wait to sex him up."
by Sami August 25, 2003
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some one is acting or actually is gay!
OMG hes wearing pink and purple hes such a fruit loop!!
by Sami February 06, 2005
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