Sami is a great guy who you can trust. When you do find a Sami, hold on to him, his kind is rare. A Sami is kind, forgiving and funny. A Sami is beautiful, on the inside and out. He’s the best of friends.

He sometimes acts like he’s tough and strong, but that’s only to show how strong he really is, not necessarily physically, but mentally and physiologically.
by True Knight January 03, 2018
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A boy who is intelligent, caring, can sometimes be annoying but also gets offended easily - the name is Arabic derived
by UWU11 September 17, 2018
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The most intelligent girl anyone could meet. You instantly fall in love with her the moment she smiles. She is the most beautiful, smart, funny, amazing person ever. She fills your day with laughs with her sarcastic comments. Once she is in your life, you can never forget her.
When you get a Sami, never let her go... and never spell her name wrong.
by Poperdoodle May 14, 2016
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Someone who makes your life a billion times better. Someone who exceeds all of your expectations. Someone who's beautiful, weird, clingy, overprotective, hypersexual, and just all-out perfect.
If you ever find your Sami, don't let go, because she's one special girl.
by s0lwayF1rth September 14, 2020
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An Arabic name that means high or highly ranked (describes greatness). I'm very blessed to have this name since I do feel that I'm the greatest Xp
sami is so great, I wish I'd be like him one day.
by sami November 08, 2004
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Has a massive dick and is ready for action he is the 2nd most sexiest man after Edon he will treat you like a real woman and is a gentleman if you have the opportunity to have sex it is at you're risk because it is so big.
Daniel "why is it so big"

Sami"it is not for you it's for girls only"
Megan "I'm hungry can you come to the toilet and feed me you're banana"
by Qejkfkgnng January 05, 2019
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Typically short with large breast and fun personality. That girl you see who dresses to make guys drool, but in actuality, isn't a slut.
"God, she is a slut!" "No, she's just a Sami."
by Charlotte151-2 April 16, 2010
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