The male half of a relationship who allows and finds sexual gratification in allowing and even encouraging his female partner to have sex with other men. Not to be confused with the CUCKOLD relationship where the male is typically weak and into humiliation. Stags are dominant but want to share their women.
I met a STAG at the bar who invited me to his home when he noticed his wife checking me out and flirting with me.
by WONDERINGO January 01, 2017
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1. To go alone

2. Without a partner at a social gathering
Savion is known for being a douchebag so he will be going stag to prom.
by penguinsrock May 18, 2014
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1. A man about to be married (particularly when on a night out (known as a stag do) with his friends to celebrate his final few days of pre-conjugal freedom.)

2. A male-only social gathering

3. A man who attends a social gathering without their partner.

4. The adult male of various deer, especially the red deer.
1. Paddy is the stag when we go to Newcastle.

2. I can't wait to go on Paddy's stag.

3. Paddy came out as a stag in Newcastle.

4. Look at that beautiful stag - make sure you keep down-wind.
by Dan Fox August 05, 2003
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A bi woman who has a very masculine personality/apperance. The bisexual equivalent of a Butch lesbian.
Ex: Taylor is definite she is bisexual. But doesn't want to be mistaken as a lesbian, so instead of identifying as a Butch she identifies as a Stag.
by TaffyTerrific January 13, 2019
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To go to a formal dance without a date, an acronym for "Solo Tagging Along Girl"
Girl 1: Are you going to the dance with Johnny?
Girl 2: No! I'm going stag!
by JacqAttack06 April 12, 2007
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