The female version of the male stag.

Basically a bachelorette party.
by Sami August 10, 2004
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Hen party/Bachelorette Party/Ladies' Night Out

This Canadian version, the Stagette, differs from the American Bachelorette party in three main ways:

1) It's Canadian
2) It typically involves costumes designed to "expose" the bride in such a way that her and her stagetters cannot go unnoticed
3) Humiliation and/or at least embarrassment are key goals when costuming your Bride. What the correct costume will be depends a lot on what will make your bride squirm.
"She is going down at her stagette. Those pictures of me practicing "slap shots" with the local hockey team showed up in the paper."

"Her stagette was the best! I'd never seen someone get arrested for public nudity before!"

Your friend the prude and refuses to wax her hoo-ha so you dress her up as a giant beaver, with real fur cape and leather slapping tale, get her corked, and take her for a walk down main street where she must, treasure hunt style, describe to individuals (who meet the criteria) what makes the beaver special.

Your friend is basically a huge whore so you make her wildest dreams come true and dress her in lingerie for fancy dinner then choreographed (performed by her) strip tease which you kindly record on your cell phone at the local peelers.
by IvyLeagueCanuck January 18, 2011
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