A shining beacon of freedom and progress, located in the chilly northern parts of Europe. Neighbour to Denmark, Norway and Finland, and often confused with at least one of them. Most Americans cannot distinguish Sweden from the mountain nation of Switzerland.

Famous for not only its a large population of very blonde and beautiful women, but also its history of Vikings, the music of partly forgotten bands like Abba and very high taxes. Under the government of the social democrats, Sweden has the highest tax rate in the world. The corruption is nearly non-existant and the population is well-educated, better than the average European or American citizen. There is no country in the world where atheism is better established than in Sweden, and the Swedish church, unlike the churches in many other countries, has little real power or influence. Sweden is also the most equal country in the world, gender-wise.

An overwhelming majority of Swedes surf the web. Although home to a relatively small part of the world (9 million), Sweden still manages to produce people and projects of great initiative and ingenuity. One of these projets is The Pirate Bay, the worlds largest BitTorrent tracker site. Another Swedish project is the famous KaZaA, a peer-to-peer fileshare client. Sweden also produces a lot of good gamers, not seldom seen leading the worldwide scoreboards. Sweden is also home to the Nobel Prize committee and host of the majority of Nobel Prizes.

Famous Swedish words in the English language are "smorgasbord", "tungsten" and "ombudsman". Famous Swedish people are Peter Stormare, Ingrid Bergman, Ingemar Bergman, Stellan Skarsgård, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Alfred Nobel.
- What does Marcellus Wallace look like?
- What?
- What country you from?
- Sweden!
- Sweden ain't no country I ever heard of! They speak English in Sweden?
- What?
- Yes!
by Xschtar January 12, 2006
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sweden looks like a dick on maps (with finland being the ballsack)
i put my fat sweden in her italian cat bro
by 4fucksake August 14, 2018
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land of the sexiest accent in the world!!
Bjorn: i'm from sweden and i have swedish accent!
Mary: oh, how sexy!!!
by girlechick June 28, 2007
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9 millions inhabitants, slightly smaller than California and France. Easily the best country in the world. Original home of PirateBay, ThatAnnoyingThing, Victoria Silvstedt, In Flames, Opeth, ABBA, Ericsson, Volvo, SAAB, Björn Borg, Fäbojäntan, Sven-Göran Ericsson, Zlatan and myself. But I live in Ireland now. FU. You need 4.5 years of education to sell ice cream in Sweden.

The people are tall and usually NOT blonde! All Swedes are interested in surfing internet, except the stupid people, all of them become politicians. The country is secretly run by the charismatic King Carl Gustaf Bernadotte the XVI, who has two HAWT daughters.

Sweden has not been in a war for 200 years, mainly because Hitl3r liked us and wanted to use Sweden's iron for fortified cereals and railroads to attack Finland and Norway.

Since Sweden has the most developed internet access combined liberal regulations we probably have the most pr0n in the world.
sweden r0xx0r my b0XX0r
by kukenerik July 23, 2006
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The home of the vikings. Have in the past time, governed (0wn3d)Finland, Denmark and Norway. Have always been ahead in development.
The swedish men are tall and strong, because they have to protect their beautiful women from annoying ppl from the other scandinavian countries.
''Sweden totally kick the other scandinavian countries asses in football/soccer''
''Not only that, in every sport! Even everything''
by Quorthon March 16, 2007
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Sweden is a country which many Americans don't know much about. One of the most common prejudice is that the entire population is blonde and tall (which is not even remotely true), others may believe that the country is run by communists and that ABBA is the only music arrived therefrom. Fact is that Sweden may have more blondes than e.g. Spain, but there's still at least 40% who aren't. The current government of the mentioned country is Social Democratic, which greatly differs from Marxism and Leninism.

The musical scene has of course developed since ABBA, and for a population of 9.000.000, Sweden has produced an awful lot of successful bands and artists. Some of these would be Millencollin, Hammerfall, The Hives, Ace of Base and The Cardigans.
Many songs in the U.S. plastic-pop-industry has been written by Swedes also.. among these you can find many songs performed by Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson, Backstreet Boys, N'Sync and such.

Some claim that Sweden among other things has the highest rate of suicides... but as some wise person once said (disputed who) "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics." :)

It does -not- snow 12 month per year. Actually, it snows barely 3 months every year in the capital city - you get more snow if you go North, less if you go South.
In the summers, many Swedes on holiday tend to go to their vacation houses in less populated societies. Yes, a big amount of middle-class to upper-class households have these second houses. And they can afford them, even though all their money is stolen through taxes by "the evil communist regime".

Sweden is aimed at being very equal country. Equality between genders is a highly valued issue and neo-feminism is one of the most popular ideologies (which has led many to believe that so called "feminazis" are running the country). All religions basicly has the same rights, and having the church involved in politics has been more or less banned for 300-400 years. The atheist population is also a vast majority. The schools serves alternative food for Muslims and others when the ordinary lunch collides with their relgious beliefs. Oh, and by the way, yes! They do have free school lunches :D Very good food too, even :)

Oh, and about schools... most of the swedish population is well educated. Some would say that swedes generally speak better english than most Americans, and this is caused by English being a standard subject with the same importance as Swedish. Also, Sweden does not dub films, videogames and such, but tend to use sub-titles. The country has in fact no real "official language" though, and Swedish is legally regarded as a minority language.

VOLVO, SAAB, Sandvik, IKEA and Ericsson are some of Swedens export successes.
n. Sweden. Not to be confused with Switzerland.

Sweden - Safe cars and blue flag

Switzerland - Chocolate and red flag
by LisaCewe August 2, 2006
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Sweden is a great country, its our taxes that makes it good, And we only have about 4-5% unemployment.
You, the taxes helps ALL the people in the country, so we can have free school, free hospitals etc.
What sucks about sweden is all the feminists and that you "cant" be a patriot.
You: Sweden have high taxes
Me: Well, medical treatment is free!
by Kristoffer Helenius April 2, 2007
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