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The act of screwing a woman that is on the rag, taking it out when finished and letting it dry on your penis.
What a great rusty rose I had after sex, she was really flowing.
by Ron November 26, 2003
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A Mexican Beer - (short for " Corona")
I hope Mark has some lime wedges to go with this Rona.
by Ron September 17, 2004
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a website which one creates a personal page and links amongst others who have also created a page. such pages displays personal info, pictures, blogs, and comments of what others have to say about them. very popular within teens/young adults in high school,early college.
1.(asking)"omg! you have a myspace! can i add you!"
2.(comment for pic)"your pic looks so hot!"
3.(comment for buddy)"do i know you? oh well thanks for the add =)"
by Ron April 10, 2005
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stuuuuuuu; mi dens; meyers; clare
what a ngujack; what the hell are you doing ngujack; that's not how you do it ngujack
by Ron November 15, 2004
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Phibop adj. meaning cool like philip logrippo. Or you are a hotxcorelush, i want you.
Man talking to hott woman "You are phibop xcore."

I am going to go talk to the phibop.
by Ron November 21, 2004
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