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1. noun The part of a man interested in a tallyho.

2. The part of a man a tallyho could care less about.
Hey man, don't forget to bring protection for your tallywhacker when you go to a party.
by Ron April 01, 2004

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1. noun A woman of ill-repute who is the objet d'amor of a tallywhacker.

2. interjection. What a man yells to his tallywhacker when he sees #1 above.
1. Hey Ron, let's go down to the zone and pick up a tallyho.

by Ron April 01, 2004

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Acronym= Male Male Female

A threesome with 2 men and a woman. The men are most likely bisexual.
Theres a hot new MMF video on that website.
by ron October 16, 2004

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Female Genitalia, usually used in a derogitory manner.
Stacy is nice to look at but I heard she has a smelly box.
by Ron July 10, 2003

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Cantonese. Wandering around, doing nothing at all. Killing time.
There's still two hours to go before class, let's hea in a cyber cafe.
by Ron November 08, 2003

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