1. noun A woman of ill-repute who is the objet d'amor of a tallywhacker.

2. interjection. What a man yells to his tallywhacker when he sees #1 above.
1. Hey Ron, let's go down to the zone and pick up a tallyho.

by Ron April 2, 2004
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This word was traditionally brought into use in foxhunting, it was used when one person from the hunt saw a fox, and he would shout this word to indicate to the others in the hunt that a fox had been spotted. It then came into use in World War II when pilots of the Royal Air Force saw enemy aircraft.
Air Traffic Control: Bandits, to the south east, around 5 mile range.
Pilot: Tallyho old chap!
by Nicky148 September 4, 2008
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Either Tallyho or Tallyhoskie

1.To speed up whatever you're doing or need to do

2.To quickly get going
1.We need to Tallyho if we're gonna make it on time.

2.Lets tallyhoskies!
by MaJESStik2407 January 3, 2016
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Tallahassee. A city in north Florida, it is the capital of Florida.
"I'm goin' back to Tallyho in September."
by Uknow September 25, 2006
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A term used to indicate an attractive member of the opposite sex (presuming heterosexuality). Originating in Europe as a call by game hunters in siting a fox. With the evolution of the word fox to suggest a sexy woman, tallyho can now be used to refer to the siting of an attractive person.
"Check out that girl in the hall way."

"Whoa, Tally-Ho!"
by Backspin July 17, 2005
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An interjection used to express excitement or eagerness.
"Only two more pages on my term paper! Tallyho!"
by Aubrey March 17, 2004
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What you say at the McDonalds drive thru when they don't have no ice cream!! and drive off!!
Yeah can I have a McFlurry please.."We don't got no ice cream".. Chip Chip Tallyhoe bitch!!
by N Fo Life September 4, 2007
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