Although he denies it quite a lot, Clark is a nice and intelligent man who does not care what anyone thinks. And he will back you up no matter what. Clark is a man who is not afraid to speak his mind,even at the worst time, but anyone who is lucky enough to know this kind, smart, handsome, and a little narcissistic man should be EXTREMELY thankful for him.
"Clark is so kind"

"Yeah, I wish Clark was my boyfriend"
by Spaggetti_Monster January 20, 2019
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Just an average type guy with a big ass dick.
He told me he was average but he was giganta! He was a Clark
by biggdigg November 25, 2016
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A man who loves you no matter what. A superhero of sorts. When you meet a Clark you will know he is special. Clarks are genuine, and kind. Clarks try to "save the day" in any situation. They may be easy going, and mild mannered, but they really are Superman in disguise
Look at that Clark he is really a super guy
by loislane1120 January 9, 2013
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(French) Cleric or Scholar

Clarks are frindly, fun loving, personable, upbeat, and generous creatures. They have a lot of friends and are good with children and animals.

However, do Not anger this creature. Once angered, it will exact revenge in a most painful manner.
The kids just love him! He's such a Clark!
by ~kitsune~ May 31, 2011
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He is really nice to hang with he will help you out with your problems when you are down, he cares about you and trys his best not to hurt your feelings, he is a little shy when you get to know him at first, he helps you through the rough times, he is the sweetest guy you will ever meet

A really nice, sweet, kind, cute, handsome, amazing, caring, loving person that cares about you no matter what
From: krista

Love ya Clark your the best
by Krista_the_cute_cat March 29, 2019
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(v.) Performing badly at almost everything; sports, video games, career, affairs of the heart etc. Person who exemplifies these traits.
Jeff wants to join our basketball team, but he can't because he clarks everything up.
by Jon September 15, 2003
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