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The act of being killed, more than likley because of a deal gone bad.
Timmy T got waxed last night becuase he couldent pay up.
by Chupa November 22, 2004
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waxed (verb past tense)

U.S. military slang for having killed a target in action.
When I was deployed in Iran, some camel jockey stabbed me through my tactical vest and was stupid enough to let go of his stiletto to attempt a rifle disarm. I pulled the blade out of me and disemboweled him with it. One hostile waxed.
by DEVS CHAOS April 23, 2009
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same as plastered or wasted on anything or everything. Just really, really f-ed up
My life is so screwed up right now, but it's alright because I'm going to waxed and cum on some tits tonight.
by P Gibby November 29, 2004
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The act of rubbing surfboard wax on someones car's windows and head lights. this is normally done to some out-of-towner who tries to move in on your local surf territory.
man someone totaly waxed your car.
by Rickman69 March 04, 2005
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