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a zone is an ounce
by --- February 06, 2000
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an ounce.
for marijuana: 28 grams...4 quarters.
shit, that nigga bought a zone last night & he already smoked all of it!

he said he wouldn't sell me a zone. i think it's because i'll get a quarter for free & he won't make as much money.
by amanda lynne June 09, 2005
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The name used by a rather well known flash artist who specializes in hentai animations. He allegedly visits 4chan's /co/ board, and takes their requests. He also appears to be against, or at least loathes, the Furry fandom, yet he was commissioned to do a furry themed flash, not to mention porn of Roger Rabbit and Krystal.

He also doesn't want to reveal his sexual identity, just to build speculation.
Patrick: "I stayed up till three at the morning, and I woke up at six."
Kevin: "Why, cause you were watching Zone's newest flash?"
Patrick: "Not only that..."
by GimmeAName April 18, 2011
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Zone being short for Ozone, which is a nickname for an ounce that originated in the late 70's or early 80's in regards to drugs or more specifically cocaine.
I went down to West Ninth to score a zone for me and my girls before we head out.
by Docnasty July 28, 2006
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To loose mental conciousness, though the body is still active. To loose awarness, espically while someone is speaking. To pretty much loose your track of mind, and look like a drooling idiot in the middle of a conversation.
Freind: Dude! hey dude, I'm talking to you!
You: Oh, wait what? I'm sorry, I completely zoned.
Freind: God, you got this really blanked out look on your face...
You: Man, I was totally out of it, wasn't I?
Friend: Yeah, pretty much.
You: Sorry, man. I'll try not to zone anymore
by Total War January 16, 2009
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Something you say after playing call of duty and getting many kills or playing soccer and you make a goal or making a slm dunk home run etc.
by the troller May 08, 2014
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The zone is a reference to the entire anal area, which includes the anus and taint.
"I pulled out before I came and blew my load in her zone."
by Evamo December 03, 2011
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