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The Incel is the name of a terrorist cell operating in Canada. The group only accepts inbreds in order to assure that the recruits didn't and won't start a family. The group values asexuality as the eternal meaning of life and seeks to destroy everyone engaging in sexual intercourse with anything more intelligent than a body pillow. They call their enemies Chads and Stacies, and reffer to each other as incels.
My daughter was shot by an Incels fighter. That's how the FBI found out.
by RohenTahir April 25, 2018
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A term used by Starcraft II players to descibe a situation when one of the players attacks the enemy bases during the first 2-5 minutes of the game, usually with very weak units. It's power relies on the fact that most of the players have no defenceless whatsoever do early inne the game. An extreme variant of this situation is called a "worker rush".
by RohenTahir April 2, 2017
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Despite the name, an example of someone who belives on communism even more than Lenin himslef did. Always a woman, as they hate men, thus every true male feminazi would immediately commit suicide. Also a supporter od female supremacy, Black supremacy, and islamic supremacy. A hypocryte. Usually is fat, doesn't shave and has short hair. Seeks to kill all men because they don't find her looks attractive.
by RohenTahir April 2, 2017
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The symbol of infinite alt-code power. Worshipped by a large cult, the most notable member of which is Solaire of Astora.
Praise the ☼!
by RohenTahir May 3, 2018
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👉👌, but it's in singleplayer mode.
Top quality porn for your me time! Just input your credit card number and get if for FREE!
by RohenTahir July 6, 2018
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Onomatopeia for laugh, synonymous with "h3h3h3h3", "lol", "kek" etc.
Guest1: Some joke
Guest2: hehehehe
by RohenTahir June 27, 2017
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