Hahahaha or in other words, jajajaja. Prehaps this word came from the internet. I believe nobody knows
by uberleethax June 18, 2007
How fucking Brazilians laugh in League of Legends. They are all bad and you should quit if ever queued with one.
Summoner 1: Morde es #1. hehehehe

Me: Fuck this (dodges queue)
by MordeNoEs#1 June 29, 2011
by hehehehhe411 November 10, 2020
A sound a stupid person makes when they don't know what to say
How are you doing?

by Ploppy Pie November 12, 2013
Something Sans says all the time, mainly to show dislike for the human in genocide route.
Heheheh... That's your fault, isn't it?
by Jman6540 November 9, 2021
Its like "lol" or "hahaha" but with top energy
"Hey bro look at this meme!!"
"heheheh thats really funny"
by a kid who likes theater June 13, 2020
she do be kinda shy when you first meet her but she’s pretty cool😎and chill and she’s hawt😳lol
zaara hehehehe is chill
by shjshsjsusssuusys September 9, 2020