Asexuality is, in a broad sense, a lack of sexual attraction to either sex. Unlike abstinence, which is a choice to abstain from sexual activity, asexuality is a sexual orientation. Although asexuality is a lack of sexual attraction, it does not imply lack of a sex drive, or libido.

Asexuals may or may not experience romantic attraction and will often identify by one of the following romantic orientations:
1. aromantic - lack of romantic attraction to either sex
2. biromantic - romantic attraction to both sexes
3. heteroromantic - romantic attraction to the opposite sex
4. homoromantic - romantic attraction to the same sex

Asexuals may engage in sexual activity for one or more of the following reasons:
1. to satisfy one's own sex drive, or libido
2. to satisfy a non-asexual partner's sexual desires
3. to satisfy intellectual curiosity

Some asexuals experience sexual attraction to a very finite extent. Gray area asexuals will rarely experience sexual attraction while demisexuals will only experience sexual attraction within a well-established relationship.

The asexual pride flag is comprised of four horizontal bars. The colors of these bars, from top to bottom, are black, gray, white, and purple. The meanings of these colors are listed below.
black - asexuality
gray - gray area asexuality and demisexuality
white - sexuality (a nod to comrades of asexuals who are not themselves asexual)
purple - community
As an aromantic asexual, the aspect of asexuality that I consider to be most frustrating is its general low awareness.
by VenkmanMcFly August 27, 2013
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to not be sexually attracted to anyone or not have interest in having sex :not having a sexual drive towards anyone no matter the gender
she wasnt attracted to anyone she wasnt impotent not ugly just not attracted to anyone she was of asexuality
by heyyeahyeah May 27, 2011
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"baby you tryna let me hit it tonight~"

"Sure I'll hit you..with fucking baseball bat I'm asexual asshole you know that!"
by Babyboisimp69 May 26, 2021
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asexuals are people who do not experience sexual attraction this does not mean that they are plants. they can experience romantic attraction though. asexuals who don't experience romantic attraction are called aromantic asexuals. some asexuals are sex repulsed while some will have sex. asexuals can not be a virgin but still be as
exual. asexuals are also dragons and they have magical powers. they also like cake
Me:I'm asexual
Random human:but your in a relationship
Me:yeah she's also asexual
Random human:but you can't be in a relationship and be asexual
Me:romantic attraction does not mean sexual attraction
Random human:*confused spluttering*
Me:*transcends to my dragon form and flies away*
by FandomQueen October 22, 2019
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Someone who is immune to the sexual attractiveness of others, regardless of gender.
(Often abbreviated as "Ace")
Alex: "Damn how are you not attracted to me I'm the most beautiful person on earth!"
Anne: "I'm asexual bitch" *explosion as she walks off*
by AnneWorldEater May 25, 2021
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An asexual is an individual who is is not sexually attracted to either men or women. Important classifications to note:

Repulsed Asexuals: Asexuals that are opposed to the idea of having sex with any other individual. Some may masturbate to release any sexual tension, though some even find masturbation repulsive.

Flexible Asexuals: Asexuals that are more open to the idea of having sex and may be willing to have sex for the benefit of a sexual partner. Some flexible asexuals may even enjoy having sex.

Aromantic Asexuals: Asexuals who have little or no romantic drive. They usually prefer to be single. Some even never experience crushes. Aromantic asexuals are usually repulsed asexuals.

Romantic Asexuals: Asexuals who have a romantic drive and often have a desire to find a significant other. Romantic asexuals can be either flexible or repulsed. Flexible ones are usually willing to date sexuals and asexuals, repulsed ones usually prefer to date other asexuals when possible. Romantic asexuals are split into a few subcategories.

Hetero-Romantic Asexuals: Asexuals who are EMOTIONALLY attracted to individuals of the opposite gender.

Homo-Romantic Asexuals: Asexuals who are EMOTIONALLY attracted to individuals of the same gender.

Bi-Romantic Asexuals: Asexuals who are EMOTIONALLY attracted to individuals of the same gender and the opposite gender.

Pan-Romantic Asexuals: Asexuals who are EMOTIONALLY attracted to individuals of all genders.
1) Whenever me and my friends get together and start talking about our sex lives, Tom always drops out of the conversation. I think he might be asexual.

2) Please don't ask me to explain the difference between emotional and physical attraction. I am a repulsed aromantic asexual who has never experienced a crush so I wouldn't know.

3) Dumb Girl: OMGZ all my boyfriends have sucked I'm going to become asexual!

Asexual Girl: Since you are having bad luck with men, and you apparently have the power to magically change your sexual orientation, why not become a lesbian and give women a try?

Dumb Girl: *blank stare*

4) Asexuals do not experience sexual attraction. They are like the opposite of a bisexual, or a pansexual if you want to be technical. Is that really so difficult to understand?
by AromanticAsexual April 18, 2010
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Asexuality is a sexuality in humans. It isn't to be confused with being celibate or aromantic or asexuality in plants. Ace is short for asexual.

Asexuality is where there is no/lack of sexual attraction or drive. The aces usually have romantic, emotional and aesthetic attraction to someone, but just not sexual attraction.

People who are asexual can have romantic relationships and have hugs/kisses but just don't want to have sex.
Person 1: I'm asexual
Person 2: What's that?
Person 1: Asexuality is where there is no/lack of sexual attraction or drive. The aces usually have romantic, emotional and aesthetic attraction to someone, but just not sexual attraction.
by BeRealAboutIt October 15, 2018
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