acronym for bad mannered, used by korean computer players.
You very BM player. THX thx. kakaka
by rustyn December 25, 2007
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abreviation for baby mother, usually used when writing.
Man my BM about to make me mad.
by ladawnny October 24, 2011
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Acronym for Bad Manner(ed), popular in the Starcraft (II) community.
John and Zoe take their time to wait for Jack to join their game, and Jack leaves immediately upon it started

Zoe: Jacks so BM.
by Advertos March 13, 2011
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When listening to the Don and Mike show, I had to take a huge BM
by ghandi February 25, 2003
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Family Guy S3E14: Chris: What's a library Dad? Peter: Oh it's just a place where homeless come to shave and go B.M.
by Heavy D February 2, 2005
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Yo Gotti: I've seen your girl post a BM so I hit her in the DM
by JD Papi February 27, 2016
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Bowel Movement
Take a crap
Take a dump
drop a load
put a brown log in the water

You know; TO TAKE A SHIT.
Damn Cindy, when you made a BM I could have sworn that the whole fucking room shook. It smells like a sewer pipe busted in here.
by I forget February 15, 2005
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