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Acronym for Bruh Moment. When a situation, event, or occurrence presents itself and is so inexplicably rarded, stoopid, or whack, that one must exclaim, "BM".
1. "Carlos just touched my peepee. BM"
2. Michael: "I rather jerk off than eat mushrooms"
Steve: "That's a BM."
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by BibornoBois420nBole February 25, 2020
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When listening to the Don and Mike show, I had to take a huge BM
by ghandi February 25, 2003
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Acronym for Bad Manner(ed), popular in the Starcraft (II) community.
John and Zoe take their time to wait for Jack to join their game, and Jack leaves immediately upon it started

Zoe: Jacks so BM.
by Advertos March 12, 2011
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Also an acronym for bowel movement. Used in in assisted living or healthcare environments typically.
Did you record the time of his last BM?
by CJ August 12, 2003
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