Feminazis and feminist are very different. Feminist believe in equal rights for men and women, while Feminazis act extreme and violent towards men and things affiliated with men. Feminist support a noble cause of equal rights while the Feminazis live to destroy men's public social life. Feminazis believe men have way more privilege than they really do and often make up or avoid examples and proof to support their claims. Feminazis are known to accuse men of rape for no reason just to ruin their life or take their money. Feminist do not do this but they don't mention this either. Feminazis don't fight for legit problem and tend to use words like "rape" "sexually harassed" or "Assaulted" incorrectly and are often proven wrong. Feminazis are a huge disgrase to Feminist and are very often the only thing thought of when people think of Feminism. Feminazis are often rude to men and call females who don't Identify as a Feminist as a, "Traitor to their own gender." If your a male, steer clear of Feminazis or you might lose everything you own, including you social and public life. Extreme Feminist are called Feminazis because of their relation to Nazis in the sense of causing a Holocaust, but its a Holocaust for men. Feminazis think ALL men should be killed and erased from the earth, therefor, a Holocaust of men only. Feminazi is a rude name for extreme Feminist, but its a name they earned because of their lashing out towards men.
Feminist: I want equal rights for men and women
Feminazi: Screw that men scum! They can die for all I care, their worthless pieces of privileged crap!
Feminist: Umm.... tha- thats something

Man: *looks at women*
Feminazi: You piece of sexist trash, how dare you rape that women! You need to check your privilege male shit!
Man: Rape? I just looked at her, are you insane?
Feminazi: You raped her with your male privilege, this is why all men need to die
by UnwantedVaultDweller July 7, 2017
Feminazi: a type of feminist that considers men to not be sentient, and it's therefore justified to do horrible things with them. (just like hitler considered the jews)

Feminazi: Probably has corpses in their basement and forgets that she does
Feminazi: Kill all men
Guy: Is there a problem with both genders being equal
Feminazi: It's ok to kill non-sentient things
Feminazi "tries to kill the guy"
Guy: "get's shot arrested and tortured in prison for 'screaming at a woman'"
by Fake Paul October 11, 2021
A woman that is using feminism as a way of hating on men for no reason at all
Stupid feminazis, hating on makes because thay think there more important
by odd_guy_59 February 16, 2018
A person who is too much of a feminist and takes shit too far. Which then turns them into an annoying fuck.
"men are trash"
"all women are better then men"
"I've got my tits out but you can't look at them even though they are out on display in public otherwise you're sexualising me"
"I'm a feminist so everything I say is right"
by Blahblahblahfatcatsat September 9, 2018
Most feminists but not all. Easily offended by men doing anything in their prescence, they really just hate men. Believe women are superior to men. Just the worst. Usually highly unattractive women that are angry at men because they don't want to be with them in a relationship or perhaps were made fun of in high school. Deserved to be punched in the face repeatedly.
It's too bad that feminazi's have ruined the word feminist by lacking any logic or reason when it comes to there views on why men are inferior to women.

You're not a feminist, you're a cunt and a feminazi.

I'm not saying you should hit women, but you should definitely hit feminazi's.
by Dick Quivers October 10, 2017
A feminist, who in some peoples opinion, who advocates gender inequality and sexism in womens favour, under the guise of gender equality
The woman who attacked men with bleach for man spreading is a feminazi, the woman who asks for equal pay as their male counterpart is a feminist
by Bareny May 9, 2020
Usually an ugly ass bitch or generally any bitch who's got issues with men because they don't pay her any positive attention or wronged her. This damages her psychologically and forces her to view all men as chauvinists. She will also attack other females by claiming that she perpetuates the female stereotypes and reinforces the men's negative behavior.
George Carlin once asked if it was funny how the women who are feminists and against abortion are the ones you wouldn't want to fuck in the first place.

So we could see them today now they've gone full-blown feminazi.
by The Anticlown June 7, 2017