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The kind of agency that would stare at you thru the computer cam and would blow up and bust down your house’s door and windows all because you were staring at 5 year old animated girls
The FBI got me arrested yesterday.
by christiandefinitions February 09, 2019
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Federal Bureau of Investigation; an agency of the Justice Department responsible for investigating violations of Federal laws.
The FBI is primarily a law enforcement agency. They collect intelligence related to domestic security and perform crime investigations.
by Dancing with Fire September 05, 2012
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Federal Bureau of Investigation.
I'm From the FBI,Drop your Gun!
by Rachel March 08, 2004
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An anacronym for the term "free balling it",it is shorthand for a male's decision to go sans swaddling or minus his u-trou...
When he realized he was out of clean underwear,Carl decided to go f.b.i.
by sheila in the car January 12, 2010
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Founded in 1492 by demons, the FBI is a crack law enforcement agency designed to fight aliens.
Computer, give me all the information you have on the 'F-B-I'
"The FBI is a government law enforcement agency."
"Insufficient data."
Insufficient data?!? Can't you just make an educated guess?
by Beebuns December 13, 2009
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Female Body Inspector
Bob looks at girls a lot, hes is a female body inspector
by Geppy February 24, 2005
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